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24 February 2013 @ 04:13 am
Pretty Please
I am always looking to buy doujinshi of various hetero pairings from Hetalia. So if you have something to offer or if you have information about something, hit me up. It'll be greatly appreciated~

Note: Press on the "Click Me" to show cover pictures. Click on individual images to get more information.

America x Belarus (Holy Grail)

[Click Me]

388169   427739

England x Seychelles

[Click Me]
  425044 423936

389424   468399

351774 427204

Spain x Belgium

[Click Me]481565

Prussia x Hungary

[Click Me]
333553 343374

348620   355210


362497   362583



Lithuania x Belarus

[Click Me]373314

379718   379719

  444962 447109

America x Vietnam

[Click Me]379625

Japan x Taiwan

[Click Me]303815 396785

388046 040010252469-1p


Multi-pairing Books

[Click Me]396011   357744

320289 424943

24 February 2013 @ 04:31 am
I would rather trade these with any doujinshi listed under my "Wish List". However, I am also a collector and I understand how painstaking it is to hunt down ones that you've wanted for a very long time. So if any of these are under your wish list, send me a note and maybe we can negotiate a price or something for these babies.

Aside from the anthologies and compilations, most would probably sell for $10-$15 USD.

Note: Press on the "Click Me" to show cover pictures. Click on individual images to get more information.
Note #2: The ones I'm very reluctant to part with are labeled "Trades Only". I would be willing to part with them if you're willing to trade them with something from my Wish List, however.

America x Belarus
[Click Me]
青の交響曲「紙飛行機にされた日記」 絶対本音ラヴ・ソング

Prussia x Hungary
[Click Me]
その想いLIKEorLOVE? アーベントの溜め息

ちがうもん 絶対好きじゃないもん 着地点、出発点

黒歴史★メイカー   幸福論


Eszencia F.F.

Manatsu no Kajitsu Reckless driving of love!!

Toy Story Geheimnis

324339 Hajimete no Orusuban

Queen of Night


Prussia x Hungary (Trades Only)
[Click Me]
Record of nature. 2009-2010再録集 539337

CINE+PIYO Dance in the Dark

普洪再録集 Kachoufuugetsu



Austria x Hungary

Note: If you're an Austria x Hungary collector, message me. I have more to offer for trade purposes.

Lithuania x Belarus
[Click Me]

England x Seychelles (Trades Only)
[Click Me]
コバルトブルーの海で愛して 青色ノスタルジア2

520816 Happy Summer Wedding

Japan x Taiwan
[Click Me]

Japan x Taiwan (Trades Only)
[Click Me]
僕らを繋ぐモノ   花風-Hanakaze- JP×TW Only Anthology

にちわんHigh school

France x Seychelles (Trades Only)

Note: If you're a France x Seychelles collector, message me. I have more to offer for trade purposes.
[Click Me]

Multi-pairings (Trades Only)
[Click Me]

More to come when I finally get the time to really organize my collection.

Hetero collector and want to connect? Message me, by all means! I am always excited to meet fellow doujinshi collectors, specially ones who ship my ships too. 

Please note:
- All prices listed below are in USD and exclude shipping.
- Shipping Costs: $2 for Chara Fortunes // $3 for four Chara Fortunes and up // $3 for one One Coin Figure 
- You will receive a brand new chara fortune (w/ fortune still in the wrap or still in wrap), unless otherwise stated. Some of the chara fortunes pictured below are my own, so as such, the new ones you're going to get might have a different tag with them (the shapes that come with some of the actual characters). If you're confused about this, then don't hesitate to ask.
- I only accept payments through paypal.

- Items will be shipped after I receive payment.

Nothing's for sale, atm.    :)

For those who are not familiar with charamates or chara fortunes, they're fastener charms that come with lobster hooks so you can hook them anywhere you can think of.
I personally like to use them as phone charms, like so:

So yeah, that basically ends my sales post.
Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.

Thank you~